About Us

Crimzone Software (pronounced like the colour ‘crimson’) was established in May 2000, building on 24 years of experience in the software industry by the founder.

Situated in Johannesburg, South Africa and comprising of a highly skilled business process and software development team, Crimzone Software focuses on developing and maintaining both Windows and Web based business solutions for small to large companies.

We aim our innovative and advanced technologies at specific niche markets in which we have the skills and knowledge. The products source code is the property of Crimzone Software and this allows us to customize any product to customer requirements.

All our products are available on a cost effective monthly rental basis, this, coupled with our devotion to our customers, enables them to operate more effectively, efficiently and profitably from the start without a large initial capital investment.

Our Vision

It is our vision to provide niche markets with fully customizable, industry specific business solutions.

We make use of our Object based software to Assemble solutions to specific requirements and develop the missing functionality to provide a total solution.


Are you looking for a career with a company who believes in the value of hard work where you can grow personally and professionally? To apply for possible vacancies please e-mail your CV or career overview to:


Please note we do not accept applications from recruitment agencies.


Success stories from a company’s existing clients are one of the best ways to learn about our products and services.

It is not our policy to publish the names of our customers as we respect their right to privacy.

We will disclose our customers details as part of the selling cycle after obtaining their consent to the disclosure. It is important that the reference customer be a user of the product being offered and where possible a similar application.

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