The Crimzone Asset Tracking system is an Internet based software solution offering:

  • Access from any Web browser to a centralised database.
  • Standardised classification of Assets by Category and Location.
  • Low cost Hosted solution – No Server, Software, Backups etc the only cost is the number of assets on the system each month.
  • Corporate governance ensuring:
    • Accountability of each Asset by individual / department / division.
    • Utilization and Serviceability of each Asset.
    • Full “Life Cycle Management”.
    • Secure system controlled by user profiles and rights.

System Aims

The Asset Tracking system is designed to track a physical asset of a company, organisation or individual from acquisition to redeployment and finally to disposal.

The system is an Audit tool allowing for the periodic audit and verification of each asset including:

  • Periodic physical check of actual Assets by Location / Category
  • Audit undertaken by responsible person using:
  • System produced Audit Report
  • Barcode scanning
  • Physical Audit results captured into system and a Variance Report generated.
  • Auditor investigate Variances before updating Asset records
  • Reprint Asset on hand list by location to obtain authorised persons signature
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