The product is based on Compiere™, the most widely used Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution with over 1.3 million software downloads.

Crimzone staff has been trained by Compiere Inc. to implement, customise and undertake extensions to their ERP and CRM solution.

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As originally defined by Gartner, ERP addresses the broad high-level processes of an enterprise. ERP is not about innovation but about best or common practice.

The Compiere™ ERP system provides a tried and tested, industrial strength Financial backbone which is enhanced by incorporating industry specific Operational Systems from Crimzone to provide the ultimate system for your business. This is in line with our mission of providing niche market products for niche industries where we have specific knowledge.

It is our view that making use of a “Hybrid” model of incorporating Open Source Software with Proprietary Software into a single solution the customer gets the best of both worlds. This model also reduces the development costs and time to market the benefits to the customer being a “Best of Breed” product at a lower cost. Through the Pre-configuration of the ERP system to the industry requirements we have further assisted in the rapid deployment of the system resulting in lower implementation cost and lower long term cost of ownership.

The solution is easy to Implement, Extend and can be further Customised to your specific requirements.

Our development started in 2006 with the Compiere™ product and changed in 2007 to the ADempiere product. Our development during this period has resulted in us offering the Crimzone ERP product as a Web based product with  JasperReports as the standard Reports and reporting tool.

Through this project we have gained vast experience in using, changing and extending, Compiere™, ADempiere and JasperReports and can offer our services to customers who have implemented or who are considering to implement these products in industries we do not cover as part of our niche markets with your requirements.

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